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Splicing - New Release!

Players will roll dice, gather resource cards, form dynamic alliances, and create trading strategies to learn mRNA splicing - a complex biological process in a board game. The player who gets 10 Protein cards first wins the game! 

Easy to play! No prior knowledge is needed.

Age: 8 - 99   ||   Players: 2 - 6   ||

Average play time: 40 minutes

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Interested in the Biological background?

In every living organism, DNA carries the genetic information. DNA is first transcribed into mRNA in order to decode the genetic information. Then, mRNA is translated into proteins. The genetic information is often interrupted by "junk" fragments (introns) in higher organisms, such as humans. Therefore, the initial transcribed mRNA contains both genetic fragments (exons) and "junk" fragments. Introns should be removed and exons should be joined in a process called mRNA splicing. ​ The discovery of split genes / splicing mechanism was awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Splicing By Steamify LLC

Want To Learn?

  • Virus and stress (e.g., coronavirus, benzene)

  • Anti-bodies and stress resistance factors (e.g., IgG, RNase)

  • Resource generators (e.g., ATP, sucrase)

  • DNA double helix, mRNA strand and base (A/U/C/G)


How To Play?

  • Setup the board and roll dice

  • Collect the mRNA splicing scissors

  • Win protein score cards

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Game Components

  • 1 game board

  • 2 dice

  • 24 U cards

  • 24 skill cards

  • 3 kingdoms (6 clans)

  • 60 protein cards

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Who We Are?

A Lifetime of Creativity - Scientists Who are Transforming Education


Daoming, our CEO and co-founder, graduated from Peking University with a B.S. in Bioscience. He holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Ohio State University. Daoming had won a silver medal in the National Biology Olympiad in China and was an American Heart Association Fellow at The University of Chicago. 

Amy, our CMO and co-founder, graduated from Northeast Agricultural University with a B.S. in Bioscience. She has a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State University. 

Geng, our COO, graduated from Shandong University with a B.S. in Bioscience. He is a Ph.D. in Statistics from University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

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